100 years ago today the Yankees started to look like...the Yankees.


Love them or hate them, there's no denying the fact that the New York Yankees' home pinstriped uniforms are among the most recognizable team identities in the world.

One hundred years ago today—April 11, 1912—the New York Highlanders, also informally known as the New York Yankees, opened their season with a 5-3 loss at home to the Boston Red Sox. While 1912 was a forgettable season for New York (they lost 102 games and finished last in the American League,) Opening Day marked the debut of the now familiar version of the franchise's signature look, pinstriped jerseys with the now iconic interlocking "NY" on the left chest.

The New York Times described the uniform set on February 27 of that year, just as the club was about to depart for Spring Training:


The look has evolved over the last century, but there's no denying the fact that the 1912 uniforms and their 2012 descendants share the same visual DNA.


In 1913 the club, now officially referred to as the Yankees, dropped pinstripes from their home uniforms. The stripes were restored a couple of years later; the "NY" was dropped from the home jersey in 1917 and didn't reappear until 1936. Surprisingly, Babe Ruth never played a single game in what we now consider the quintessential New York Yankees home uniform.