The Many Uniforms of the 2013 Brewers


The Milwaukee Brewers host their eighth annual Negro Leagues Tribute at Miller Park this Saturday, July 20, 2013. They will celebrate by wearing the uniforms of the 1923 Milwaukee Bears, a team that played a single season in that city. Most importantly (for us) this will be the twelfth different jersey that the Brewers have worn (so far) in 2013.


The Brewers will be playing their 96th game of the season on July 20. This means that, on average, they will have worn a new jersey exactly one out of every eight games this year—a new MLB record. They also sported a one-off fan designed jersey in a Spring Training game this past March, but we are just talking regular season here.

Coming out of the All Star break, the club is suffering through one of their worst seasons in recent years. At least the fans have been kept busy guessing what their team will wear on any given night.